Answer to Full Circle Poisons

In bold print and italics you will find my comments and opinion in response the this  incredibly misleading response from Full Circle Dairy

Full Circle Dairy is a family-owned dairy farm on approximately 1,600 acres in Lee. On this farm, several hundred head   (Several Thousand head of dairy cows. This is easily verified why misrepresent it?) of dairy cattle are fed, milked, and cared for on a round-the-clock basis. Naturally, with an operation such as this, a great deal of animal waste is produced every day. Managing this waste is a constant challenge. At Full Circle Dairy, much of this waste is ( sprayed under extreme pressure high into the air on the windiest of days at times coating the neighbor with raw sewage)  used as fertilizer for crops that are in turn used as a food source for the cattle. The way in which this is done must be monitored carefully in order to insure the environment is not adversely affected. According to Watts, everything at the dairy is carefully monitored.( Self monitoring, no outside oversight) This includes monitoring and testing in-house on a daily basis as well as sending water, fertilizer, and milk samples to outside laboratories for testing. Quarterly reports are sent to the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). The DEP also closely monitors the dairy’s auditing procedures. In addition to these reports and auditing, the DEP makes frequent ( These ” inspectors” are best buddies and may even share DNA) un-announced site visits to the dairy. According to Watts, Full Circle Dairy makes every effort to remain far below the regulatory thresholds established by the DEP.  ( I have to wonder if the department of AG invests their pension funds in these industries?)“[We] manage what we do because it’s the right thing to do,” said Watts. “[We] go to great lengths to be good stewards of the land, the community, and the 60-plus people who work here.”

Greene Publishing, Inc. Photo by Rick Patrick, February 15, 2017

At Full Circle Dairy, much of the food that is fed to the cows is grown( relying on pesticides and herbicides, some of which are either known carcinogens or highly suspected of being carcinogenic) on the dairy farm. In order to make the best use of the land, feed crops are rotated throughout the year. In the spring, corn is planted and harvested in the summer. Sorghum is planted in the summer and harvested in the fall. Rye grass is then planted in the fall and harvested in the spring. Peanuts are occasionally grown in order to replenish the soil with needed nitrogen. The peanuts are not used as feed for the cows but are sold. These crops are fertilized with a carefully monitored balance of fertilizer from the cows ( tons and tons of raw cow waste sprayed out high into the air, left to rot on top of the soil) and some supplemental commercial fertilizer. The crops that are grown are also carefully monitored.

When asked about antibiotics, Watts explained that on occasion cows do get sick and require medications that may include antibiotics. ( I highly doubt the truth of this statement . It is common Dairy practice to use antibiotics and hormones on a regular basis to induce high levels of milk production) (Please watch this  and many many other You Tube videos covering the dangers of drinking Milk) Whenever this occurs, the sick cows are isolated from the rest of the herd while they are being treated. After the medicine regimen is completed, the milk is tested. That cow is not allowed to be milked for ( Please watch Dr. Harmon explain how dangerous Milk is  )  public consumption until all traces of the antibiotic are cleared from the milk. “But the best way to handle that is to make sure the cows don’t get sick. We go to a lot of effort to make sure our cows are healthy and happy,” said Watts.

Watts also goes to great measures to be a good neighbor. If local neighbors are having an outside event, Watts said they make every attempt to not apply water and fertilizer in a way that may disturb the neighbors with an unpleasant smell. For this reason, Watts has established a 550-foot buffer  ( all the while the foul stench pays no attention to the buffer and spreads for up to one mile around and stays for days after each spray. Making impossible for the neighbors so much as  to run to their cars with out getting headaches, digestive problems)between any of the crops grown at the dairy and any neighboring residents. Watts is also in the process of planting trees ( as for my area of the buffer zone witch includes the old water pond road Mr. Watts has planted about six half dead 24 inch tall trees over some 100 feet lineal feet . The expense and effort expended by Watts makes to me that he has no regard for my Health or the health of the neighbors) of area to further act as a wind buffer between the dairy farm and neighboring residents. “We make every effort we can to be sensitive to our neighbors,” said Watts.( Not until we, in mass complained to ever agency possible did he even bother to take note . Mr Watts has never returned a call from myself or my wife.)

( I am quite certain that all of the neighbors of this stench production facility will agree with me fully that Mr. Watts and his three to four thousand cows have succeeded in destroying our lives and properties. We are being denied the most basic property owner rights. The free use and enjoyment of our private property has been impossible since the bombardment of Cow excrement high into our breathing air)

One more interesting video


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