Distillers are a huge waste of time , money, and energy.

After thirty years of treating water, with a broad spectrum of methods here is my opinion!
Water has many things in it!
  Sediment; anyting that floats in or on water, has not mixed with the water. Can be removed (filtered) simply with a physical screen or mesh
 Sparkling water is water that has been filtered with a five micron filter, or contains no sediment in it larger than five micron in size.
Sparkling may water still contain minerals, salts, chemicals, virus, bacteria, cysts, and other micro biological life.
 Water filtered to .3 micron is considered safe from bacteria, cysts, and other biological threats.
  Chemicals; G.A.C. granular activated carbon adsorbs V.O.C. ‘s . Not misspelled not absorb / adsorbs.
Volatile Organic compounds are most commonly called chemicals. GAC / Carbon works really well on chemicals. However those small faucet mount filters need to be run very, very slowly to work at all. If you just flip open the faucet you overwhelm the tiny filter.
 You need lots of time or lots of GAC/ carbon to make an effective chemical filter.
 Heavy metals, Salts, minerals, examples Lead , cooper, aluminum cannot be filtered from water with sediment filters or GAC filters.
 The remove heavy metals you need to process the water with Reverse osmosis, distillation, or de-ionization.
 That is it, no other methods currently available will remove a broad spectrum of heavy metals, salts.
 Distillation the least Earth friendly , most expensive process normally produces water @ .5 TDS. One half of one part per million of total dissolved solids.
 De-Ionization removes all of the tds. So it is rated at 0.00 ppm of tds. The purest state of water.
 Reverse osmosis membranes are normally considered to remove 96-98% of the heavy metals, salts, very simply , cheaply, extremely environmentally friendly and extremely cheap .
 I would never recommend a Distiller. Consider all of the maintenance, initial cost, production costs and cleaning required.
 Reverse osmosis systems have low entry cost, next to no maintainace, work on water pressure, and  you have water on tap anytime you want it at the RO system faucet.
  People go one about the water reverse osmosis wastes. Yes an RO system processes only about one third of the water that enters the system. The other two thirds clean the system and run the contaminates down the drain.
                                  Water recycles 100 % and costs next to nothing.
  The production of electricity requires lots of water, and lots of energy. Distillers with their huge electrical appetite suck up lots of resources producing just one gallon of water.
  The entry cost of a distiller is very high, distillers need constant cleaning and the cost of processing water is very high, very high when compared to almost any other treatment process.
   Now, do you need fully purified water to drink and cook. Consider this if you remove (96% -98%)  of the heavy metals , (99.99%) all of the chemicals, and (99.99%) of all of the biological threats in your water are you safe?  Are you safe?
  Added up, water with next to no chemicals, no bacteria, virus,cysts and next to no heavy metals easily, cheaply. Reverse osmosis Eco friendly,  budget freindly, on tap when ever you want it. Reverse osmosis beats the pants off of making distilled water.
 For kicks try running your distiller on RO water , it will save you  from  cleaning the distiller.
Remember this when you hear about Seawater being turned into drinking water, the process used is Reverse Osmosis.
Walter A. Sudymont retired water treatment professional.

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