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My Cistern drinking water

My St. Thomas Cistern and reverse osmosis system,

Way back, right after Hurricane Marilyn I lived on St Thomas USVI.

My home was the second highest in elevation, just off of Skyline Drive.

Needless to say getting water to my cistern was at the very least EXPENSIVE!

 Now I love the idea of catching rain water and living with it, however if you have ever seen the interior of a cistern it can make you skeptical. Add to that the condition of the roof from which the rain was collected and you become downright skeptical.

My adult life was spent in the promotion of reverse osmosis water treatment technology so resolving that issue was simple. However most islanders were tossing away the concentrate stream from the reverse osmosis unit.

I did not, I simply returned the concentrate stream to the cistern.

What ? Why?

Well the amount of water I purified each day for drinking was only a very small fraction of the cistern . The concentrate stream was an even smaller fraction of that.

So the overall impact on the quality of the water in the cistern was negiable.

Outcome!  Simply very pure water for drinking, cooking, batteries, and no wasted water.

What you need, what you want is to drink is reverse osmosis purified water. Water  you made at home with a high quality reverse osmosis system. I have been explaining that to people since 1980. Reverse Osmosis is still the number one way to make high quality drinking water at home.

Make sure the system you purchase has a good quality, large carbon filter in front of the membrane.

Want to live off grid or feel better about your water quality? Seek out a good five stage reverse osmosis system.

Who am I ?  I founded Keys Water Systems in 1980, I was granted a US patent (Self cleaning reverse osmosis sytem) Oct 9 1990. I used to build small residential desal units in the Florida Keys . Word of mouth got me to Mexico and the rest of the Carribbean

I, my company designed, built, exported and my crew installed the first Hotel desal plant on the Island of Cozumel in the very late 80’s.  The (440) room Club Cozumel at San Juan beach. Just one of my Caribbean exploits .

I am retired now have no need of proceeds from the sale of any water system. I did enjoy being of service to people in need of good quality water residentially, business and large commercial interests.

 I still see lots of snake oil being promoted, just trying to make a dent.

Seek out a local water treatment firm, one that has been in business for at least three years.” The proof is in the pudding “ and get yourself a Reverse Osmosis drinking water system today.