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Why spend more for Pure Sine wave inverters?

Why spend the extra money on pure sine wave inverters?
 Not that long ago, lots of handy devices were simply motors attached to various things.
Small air conditioners are a perfect example, a motor, compressor, some coils and a few manually operated controls. Most any current close to AC sine wave current would operate such a simple device .
 Inverters do not have to be very special to drive motors and other non electronic devices.
 Problem is today your little rom size AC is electronic. Every operation of even the cheapest unit is electronic.
Electronic devices work on the exact current wave form as well as the voltage. Dirty current or a choppy sine wave can and will confuse your electronic device.
 So there you have it even your battery operated drill is dependant on a electronic charger. You can’t get away from it electronic control of everyday devices is ubiquitous.
 Unless you want to risk damaging just about everything in your off grid cabin, your RV, your boat, you had better pony up the extra dollars and get a true SINE WAVE inverter.
 Hope this brief answer helps you along on your way to energy Independence.


Well here I sit, still not satisfied with my current Solar system.
Could be that I am addicted in some strange way.  I am certain that is not the case. At least I think that is not the case. I do love powering things from sunlight.
My most recent system is a true success, it works perfectly for the application I had in mind when
I designed it. Problem is the application has changed in  every regard.
Actually this is my third Solar system in the last five years.
The first two systems were related to my fish pond. I have a pond that is 70 feet in diameter and 12 feet deep, needs  pumping to keep things healthy.
My latest was for an old portable classroom/office about 1,000 square feet.
I use that space as storage and office space. I wanted to build a system that was capable of running an 8,000 BTU ac for several hours and of course lighting, computer, and my 3d printer.
I did it, works perfectly!.
Problem is we now we use that space as an office/ distribution center where two or three piece workers show up in the evening, not good.

So increasing the batteries is a must,more batteries require more input (more panels).

Batteries are really complex, as least as complex as any other part of the system. Batteries cost a lot are really heavy and don’t last long. (lead acid flooded)
I had hoped to wait for Telsa type battery packs and related components to become common (cheaper) before I did any serious spending on the battery portion of the system.
Right now all I have is four 160 ah 12vdc batteries in series (48vdc).
Not much reserve power when you are trying to run an air conditioner.

I am really excited about converting this system. I maybe more excited about selling it and starting over, bigger, better, more horse power, make that SUN power .

Batteries away!