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Climate Change vs. Freon Scam

All to familiar, Climate change endangers planet!
I remember when hair spray and refrigeration gas Freon were destroying the Ozone.
At the time of the major Media hype of this so called disaster, I was in the Ice production business. Our statement was we produce and market 3.6 kg. masses of polyethylene clad heat activated thermal preference stabilizer. Whose primary purpose is the creation of temporary localized negative entropy gradients. Bagged Party Ice.
I digress. Our business used lots of Freon gas and some of that gas was R-13. R-13 started out costing about $4.00 per pound and within two years the tax on it was over $4.00 per pound and the price went through the roof.
In fact it went so high, it made sense to get new better R-22 equipment. Generated huge government profits (taxes) and huge profits for a couple of the largest Chemical and Refrigeration companies . You may not have been born or just forgot about this.
Imo Climate Change is the identical scam using different phrases. Yes IMO Climate change is just one more hole out of the ozone (clear blue) designed to rip off tax payers and enrich the very few.
Climate change is this generations OZONE HOLE scary very scary.