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3d print speed and weak frames

Way back when in History , or once upon a time which ever suits you.

Anti Skate was a big deal on turntables for the precise spinning of vinyl. Skate is the tendency of the tone arm and cartridge to use the lateral momentum gained to move toward the center of the record. Not good, in a stereo recording this basis to the center gave emphasis to the record groove on the side toward the center.

We had a heck of a time controlling skate, and we were working with (10’s) of grams top speed (33) rpm.

I have a difficult time seeing how 3d printers manage to deal with all of the different angles of momentum and the amplification of that momentum provided by the frame itself.

I have said all of that to inform you of a new 3d printer that is super rigid. Attention to frame members, and connections have been the heart of the design,the quest is speed without distortion of your print.

Most 3d printers do a good job at low print speeds, ramp them up and away goes your accuracy. Not the software, not the filament, temperature or any of those but for lack of a better term wobble.

Less wobble, better definition and higher print speeds. The frame is just one of the many advancements and improvements being incorporated into the design. Many of the current difficulties have been addressed in this new (Mid Price) printer, my favorite feature is that it will be very competitively priced not the typical three thousand dollars of other printers equal to the task printers.

Stay tuned I can’t say any more right now, however if I am lucky I will have one to beta test soon.