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Think !! ACA

Why does a Health Care Law require  (13,000) more IRS agents?
The IRS can seize your bank accounts
They can charge you penalties
They do charge  huge interest on those penalties and over due             amounts.
They place priority liens on private property
They place priority liens on Homes and other real estate.
 Next year when you open your insurance bill it will likely be two to three times the increase you saw this year.
Can’t pay no problem just go with out insurance an pay the small MOUSE TRAP fine.
2015 the Fine is a tad higher and premiums are through the roof
2016 the year the movie was about the fines go through the roof the economy falters and you can’t earn enough to cover the fine and  the interest due explode.
 The IRS forecloses on your property and a subsidized Mexican family wins the auction, takes up residence in what was your home.
 Laugh now but I have been so wrong for so long only to be proven totally right.