Archive | August 2013

Here is a thought. Heated platforms for plastic 3d printing could be done pretty simply. I have several, well boxes of (70) watt Peltier junctions & power supplies.

 A Peltier junction is a solid state heat transfer device, depending on polarity heat moves from on side to the other . Super simple, super easy method of heating or cooling things.

 My involvement, I designed an Aquarium chiller that was solid state , inexpensive and practical. I marketed that chiller via my then company Air, Water & Ice Inc.

I sold AWI in 2007 and the chiller has been on the shelf since, however I have and am willing to give a power supply and a junction to anyone willing to experiment (open source).

The Junction has two surfaces one will be hot the other cold, so cold frost will form almost immediately, on that surface. Attaching a fan or in this case a cold sink would resolve that issue.

 I would love to know that I had contributed to the 3d field in some small way, 3d printing in all of it’s forms will completely change our world.

 Thanks for the read