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The Golden Goose 2012  written this morning November 23 2012 by Walter Sudymont 
In a land not all that far away and not that long ago lived a clan of people these people had common sense, worked hard,  their daily efforts only kept them feed and provided very basic shelter. This clan had a leader of sorts his name was Bob, Bob Union. One day a Golden Goose of great size and beauty just showed up and immediately started to do what ever Bob needed, and what ever Bob’s large extended family needed as well. Things began to change not just for Bob but everyone in the clan. Food a plenty, new clothing, comfortable large housing all it seemed to have happened  by magic. The entire Union Clan was so very grateful and felt so blessed. The entire Clan understood that they owed all of this new happiness  and comfort to that big beautiful Golden Goose.

 The clan decided that they should name the Goose and planned to have a Big Holiday to do so. With these plans in hand they went to ask the Goose for time off from caring for him, so they could have their holiday. The Goose explained that he already had a name, he also explained that in order for all of these blessing to continue the clan just needed to help care for him everyday. They complained about not getting the day off, however they understood that they owed their new comfortable lifestyle to that Goose. So they went back to caring for his needs.
 Eventually the ladies of the clan just got so very curious, they just had to know the name of the big Golden Goose at least his last name, So once again they decided the best course of action was to ignore caring for the Goose until he told them his name. Several days passed and the Goose agreed to tell the clan his last name. if they would just care for him again. The Clan agreed and they all learned that last name of the Golden Goose was Corporation.

 Well the years rolled by and the Clan grew and so did their need for things, clothes and food, in order to provide for the things they felt they needed, they divided the caring of Goose into more divisions. Less time for each person per day, fewer tasks, this plan allowed for more of the Union Clan to care for the Goose. The Needs of the Goose had not grown, only the Clan had grown.
 Seeing the need the good nature d Goose allowed this reduction in productivity to continue Even if it did mean the Goose had to find a way to come up with more stuff, for more Clan members,  with no additional  help form the Clan.
Time progressed and the Clan got used to all of the things they had only dreamed about years earlier,  they wanted more, better stuff. Add to that  the Union Clan was much larger now and they just had to have  more.
 Their answer was a further division of the work and the imposition of silly non- productive rules. Rules like not using the same person to carry water if that person carried grain. Not allowing for the same straw rake to be used two days in a row, instead a rake could only be used one day out of seven days so seven rakes were needed and of course someone had to keep track of the rake usage and storage. They called those rules osha, all the while their demands continued to increase on the Goose.
 The Once resplendent Golden Goose looked tired, rundown the last time they marched in with demands for more, and once again they refused to care for the aging Goose, The  Goose told them that he was old and tired and he simply could not provide any more of things demanded by the Union Clan. The demands were just to high, even a young Goose. The Clan stomped out and let the Goose all alone, un-cared for. They in their collective wisdom decided to let the Goose to stew in his own juices.
  Finally after a long three long weeks, someone decide to see the Goose and to see if he had agreed with their demands. 
Dead  !!! What do you mean dead the Golden Goose can’t die! What are we going to do ? How will we feed our children? What will come of our elderly?
 After several days the Goose began to stink so the Clan decided to burn it’s corpse, after all it had been a greedy old Goose why give it a real funeral.
 The entire Clan was needed to lift the Goose onto the wood pile for the burning to begin, when all of a sudden a name tag fell form the Goose, the Clan had always known the last name of the greedy old Goose but now they had a first name. Turns out the First name of that Golden Goose was Hostess.
You know in Kindergarten when I heard the original story of the Golden Goose . I thought, how very stupid no one would ever kill such a wonderful beast.
 I want to wish Bob and the entire Union clan the very best of luck , they are really going to need it.

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